MYDC0723.JPGShortly after my sixtieth birthday I realized that regardless of what the yellowing paper given my parents to commemorate my birth said, I was just getting to the good part of my life. Now, don’t get me wrong, I loved being a mom, doing scout banquets, helping tie the bow tie for prom, going to little league games, drivers tests, swim lessons, shampooing and styling bovine tails for stock shows, court hearings for egging the history teachers house and a hundred and one other things that come with being the mother of four sons. But as I turned fifty and the boys got lives and families of their own, out came the mothballed dreams and hopes and aspirations. And to my surprise they still lived and breathed and called to me. I still wanted to travel around the world, drink wine in a Spanish café, write a book, learn something new, go to the symphony, wear red hats and low cut dresses, and drive sports cars. In short I still wanted to live life fully, passionately, breathlessly. I wanted make a difference. It was not just a passing awareness; it was a hunger, a calling, a demand for fulfillment. The discoveries and changes began. A decade passed in what seemed the blink of an eye

So at sixy, an age I have no definition for, I found myself in Madrid drinking excellent Spanish wine in a street café. I had just finished three years living and teaching English in China.  I was fully aware that in a few months when my flight landed back in Salt Lake City I would have literally been around the world. I was breathless at all I had been given and all that was yet to come.

So now what?

As I pondered that question I knew the time to complete” the book” had come, but more than that I wanted to make that difference. I wanted to give back, to make the world a better place. I looked around for role models.

In that quest I realized there were very few, because this is the first generation of women that will live, for the most part, well into their nineties. The first generation that still has dreams and goals call to them at a time of life our predecessors were looking and waiting quietly for the end. This is a generation of women that has no concrete definition for terms like “old”, “retired”, or “settling down”, we live, we dream, we strive, we laugh, and we love more with each passing day.

As I pondered this realization I had an idea: Create a community. A community for future role models. A community for, by, and about women in the second half of their lives.  A community where we could come together to mentor, support, celebrate, and learn from each other about living the second half of life to its fullest. A community to redefine what it means to be fully alive, completely engaged, creative, wonderfully ageless woman.

So you have arrived here also–Welcome to I Am Wonderful!

Let the discoveries begin!